Welcome to GLD

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GLD is a holding company, founded in Oporto in 2000. The products and services of its universe of companies are present today in the five continents.


Make the world a better place than the one we found.

By adding value to the communities in which and with which we develop our business, doing this in a sustainable, responsible and ethical manner.

By adding value to the shareholders, as a result, allowing a bigger impact based on a long-term investment approach and commitment.

Corporate Strategy

Sustainable GROWTH
Deliver financial and operational performance of excellence in the long term alongside rapid implementation and transformation in the short term.
Entrepreneurial spirit. Each day is a new day. Each opportunity is a new opportunity. Opening the company to the wider world, motivating customers, employees and partners to produce creative ideas for new products and services.
Attract and develop the best talent. Develop a strong culture based on a shared set of values: reputation, sustainability, integrity and ethics, customer focus.


At GLD the development of people comes first. We offer career opportunities with a long-term perspective. We value autonomy and responsibility, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit, in an environment guided by mutual demand and respect driven by constant innovation.

Send your CV to susana.freitas@gld.pt.